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COVID-19 Updates

Dear Parents,

Since coronavirus infections continue to rise in the US, we would like to keep you updated with the best medical advice for your child. Our goal is to minimize the spread to the community. Continue to stay home and avoid crowded places and public transportation when possible. If out in public, practice social distancing, good hand washing and the use of antiseptic hands gels.To reduce widespread transmission, schools have closed and public gatherings including sports and theater are cancelled. These small steps make a big difference in preventing further infections. During these times, try to limit your child’s exposure to others and keep your children on a regular schedule for eating, sleeping and doing schoolwork. 

We will be continuing to make our office as safe as possible for everyone, and will continue to do necessary health maintenance visits and giving vaccines on time. 

To keep everyone safe, and to be able to continue to provide health mainanence, the following new policies are being implemented by our office:

  1. Until further notice, we will not be able to offer walk in visits; instead all sick visits will be scheduled with a provider via televisit. Please call the office if you think your child needs a sick visit. Some select noninfectious sick visits may be scheduled in the office.

  2.  ​All well visits will be early in the day, and all sick visits will either be done by televisits, or later in the day in the office.  There will be no sick visit scheduled during well visit time.  

  3. ​We may contact you to rearrange or reschedule routine visits; if your child is scheduled for a routine visit and becomes sick, please call to speak with a triage nurse.  You will be called by our staff prior to any visit to screen for possible illness.  If there is any concern, one our nurses will talk to you. 

  4. Since we are experiencing a large volume of calls, we ask for your patience if it takes longer than usual to return your call. Help us by leaving detailed information to process prescription refills and to reduce the number of callbacks.

  5. We are asking everyone to wear facemasks to the office, including parents and all children older than two years.

  6. Upon arrival to the office everyone will have their temperature taken.  If anyone has a fever you will be asked to step outside and one our nurses will assess you.  

  7.  Please answer screening questions a second time.

  8. Upon entering the office you will be sent directly to an exam room rather than staying in the waiting room.  If  necessary we will segregate areas of the waiting room to provide for social distancing. 

  9. We would like to limit the number of people in the office. When possible, try to arrange for children who do not have an appointment to stay home. The same for parents or caretakers who are at higher medical risks; they too should avoid coming to the office.

  10. We are limiting the use of paper and writing implements, as such there will be no questionaires, and we will not be handing out visit summaries.  All the visit information can be obtained on the portal, including the childrens measurements, percentiles, and any instructions given during the visit. 

  11. Each room is disinfected between visits.  The waiting room and all bathrooms and frequently exposed surfaces are disinfected at frequent intervals during the day.  

Please remember, although we have to limit exposure risks, we are available to you for support and resources throughout this health crisis. 

Thank you, 
 Drs Crino, Cronley, Hill Mondello and Mcardle and all of the staff at SHPeds.  


Daily Updates
  1. Prenatal Open House-at this time we are suspending our Prenatal Open Houses.
  1. Newborn Hospital Rounds-in order to comply with hospital policies restricting outside visitors and personnel, we will stop hospital rounds at Pennsylvania Hospital and Jefferson Hospital. Rest assured, your newborn with be seen by a newborn hospitalist.
  1. COVID-19 Testing-contrary to what news reports are telling the public, we are not able to provide COVID-19 testing in our office.  But we can refer you to a local testing center.  Please do not go to a testing center without first speaking to our office so you arrive with any necessary documentation and are not turned away.
  1. Telehealth-our office is now up and running with telehealth. Please call our office today to schedule your child's telehealth visit. Instructions and more information on telehealth you can find in the link below: